mardi 25 janvier 2011

Master Po's

- Why are you following me? What do you want? AH! You are from the temple. Have you nothing better to do?
- I was instructed to follow you.
- Come now. You can think of a better story than that.
- It is the truth, Lee-You. I am doing what Master Po told me to do.
- So wise a man, said to follow me. Why?
- He said you could teach me a great knowledge.
- (Laughs) But I cannot read or write. What can I teach anyone?
- Master Po said you had found both great wisdom and great happiness. And if I observed you, I might learn what they are.
- (Laughs again) Such a fine joke Master Po has played on you. Sending you to tramp on the dusty roads, after an old man, who does the only thing he can do. He lives every day from its start, to its end, and hopes there may be another to follow.
- There must be more?
- Nothing more, my son. But if you choose to think there may be more, you are welcome to follow.
Excerpt from "Kung Fu"

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