samedi 13 septembre 2008


Et l'on reprend les circonvolutions, urbis et orbis, pour ne jamais épuiser les possibilités de pertes et retrouvailles.
Et l'on s'étonne d'entendre parfois d'autres que soi se dire que l'on a fait le tour.
Et faire le tour, qu'est-ce, si ce n'est poursuivre une trajectoire en boucle, avec pour perspective de redécouvrir toujours et tous les jours ces chemins, ces rues, ces maisons, cette carte mentale que la ville s'amuse à modifier en permanence.
L'on y retourne ?

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gianni a dit…

beautiful photos, as always ^^
"une trajectoire en boucle"
brice, have you been in saigon too long ?? are you seeking a COLLISION in your life ?
I love the way the title is phrased: Planetary Collision at Vega (CONCEPT)

btw I posted the EMBRAYAGE photo on word irreverence (and gave you credit in the LIGHT + MOTION thread)

Could you explain some of the technical process involved in making that photo ? Have you digitally edited, constructing the endless pattern ?? did you initially photograph something lying on the street?

have a good day, IRA in nyc
is there some way I can fuse links directly with text?

Bui Doi a dit…
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Bui Doi a dit…

Dear Ira,
This endless pattern was taken rather bluntly from this tilted floor I've seen during "Journee du patrimoine" - a French party-day for visiting French (still owned)heritage throughout the world. Here : Saigon's French consulate, a large colonial villa, in the middle of a park located in the city center. Quite a luxurious habitat in such a crowded city... Hence the quietness of the picture.

gianni a dit…

Brice, I don't understand.
Do you mean TILTED or TILED ???

Have you photographed flat tiles in a way that produces a TROMPE L'OEIL ? In other words --> an illusional 3-dimensional effect ?

(I always do love your photos from ground level !!! Obviously, I was a worm in a previous life ^^)

Bui Doi a dit…

Oups. I meant "tiled", but my fingers decided otherwise...
An old tiled floor with this geometric pattern that confuse the eye. Indeed, perfect for a trompe l'oeil !